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Helping women live
truly, boldly, & bravely.

We believe brave is the new beautiful. Our goal is to strengthen the Christian community by building an army of brave women who know their worth, use their voice, and live a braveful life. Are you ready to start your journey on the road to brave?


What a braveful woman believes.

This was my personal creed I wrote nearly a decade ago. At that time it was just my personal declaration of who I knew I was, who I could become, and who I was meant to be. Today, I’m sharing this creed with you – let these words fill you with confidence and remind you to always be brave.

be brave,

The Braveful Woman's Creed

christine leahy

I am a woman and a warrior of faith.

I serve the broken-hearted.

I will always speak truth in love.

I will never live in my past.

I will never be the victim.

I will never forget my purpose.

I will never leave a wounded woman behind.

I am beautifully made and spiritually brave.

I always maintain my worth.

I am passionate and powerful.

I stand ready to forgive, love and

appreciate the woman I am today.

I am the guardian of my heart.

And a woman’s battle buddy through life.

I am brave.

Are you ready to get radically honest about where you're at in your life & where you can grow?

You can experience seismic shifts in self-talk, self-doubt, and self-worth. 

We’ll give you the tools to be an overcomer of your past, and a fighter of your future.

Yes! I'm ready to walk the 'road to brave'.